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Dear Priscilla, luckily there’s hardly any of the major ways God speaks to His children that He hasn’t communicated to me before in the past. So I want to take a little space to discuss with you about some of the other ways (apart from PEACE) by which God speaks so that you can broaden your possibilities in this regard.

There was once this lady that I loved. Our love was precipitated by what Uncle Leke Alder called “Proximate Sentimentalism.” That man and big grammer! ???? (When the lady was messing up my heart so badly and I needed advice, I wrote Uncle Leke a mail back then).

Anyway, all that big English means is that we were proximate. We served as Head and assistant in an Executive Council. But truth is we became good friends and somewhere along the line, I began to really love her. Next was me taking the matter to the Lord as a true son should do. I didn’t get a Yes nor No nor Wait from her for a whole year after I had proposed. It was so bad. Everything was just blank eventhough we remained very close. Mysterious isn’t it? Na so relationship matters dey be sometimes.

As time went on, I sank deeper and deeper in love (to compound situations, we lived within the same compound) while the lady appeared to have retrieved herself faster and faster from love. (We appeared to have both been in love at a point at least). I don’t know if you’ve ever been there. To love someone so badly who doesn’t have the same feelings for you. It’s prison!

At a time I got tired of the emotional stress; outright humiliation sometimes; suspense of whether it’ll be or not be; heartache; everything. And so, early one morning around 6am (after a painful heartbreak the previous day) I prayed to the Lord fervently like Hanna did and asked Him to please recommend another Sister to me. (I had earlier been praying for God to convince her, but finally I let go this time around).

The following night, I slept and the Lord came to me in a night vision to answer my prayers. It was as if two angels stood on either sides of my bed and they were shouting the name of the sister into my ears while impressing her picture into my mind. Luckily it was someone I had known before but not closely. The vision woke me from the sleep violently. It was so real and impressionable. I went on Facebook straight to search out the name. It was the same name I heard and the same picture impressed in my heart. God na accurate God Priscilla.


1. The scenery (atmosphere of events) in a vision from God is often serious and spiritual rather than loose and sensual like you find in an ordinary dream. You for instance cannot see yourself romancing a man in your dream and you think that’s God speaking to you that he’s your husband. Never! Always check the atmosphere to determine whether to take what you saw serious or discard it as a mere Short Play by Mr. Dream. (There’s a man by that name by the way)!.

2. You never need anyone to interpret a vision from God. What God is saying will be so clear in your Spirit beyond any iota of doubt as you wake up. I don’t know how God does it but that’s the way it works. I’ve compared notes with other senior brothers who have been used to be led by vision and they confirmed the same. Na God create us. He knows how He does it so that the information He’s passing across floats in your spirit unmistakably and without doubt. The moment you need someone to interpret what you saw, then it’s not a vision from the Lord.

3. Most times, what God is showing you in a vision of the night is something you’ve never thought about. Whereas dreams are often a replay of our dominant thoughts, a vision of the night from God doesn’t follow that same pattern. You don’t need to have even seen that fellow before. On this occasion, I had never for once thought about this particular sister in that light. Not once. It made what I saw the more believable. It could only have been from God.

God can lead you also through night visions. It’s His prerogative though which way He chooses to speak per time. But at least know how it works so that you can open up yourself to this possibility.

Your brother,
Peniela Eniayo, Akintujoye


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