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Dear Priscilla, with a rock solid conviction that this man is a new creation, clarity about his convictions about you and where he is going in life, you’re now ready to begin your own enquiry. Prayer is key to this enquiry as prayer is the process of involving heaven in earthly affairs.

Remember our father in heaven can see even in darkness, and the light dwells with him. He also knows the end from the beginning. He knows the frame and true intent of the heart of all men. It is why it makes no sense at all to ignore Him in this decision-making process. Remember again that it is only those that allow themselves to be led by the Spirit of God in all things that confirm that they are sons of God.

But if you decide to involve Him, you must be ready to honour whatever He says to you. You must approach him with a plain heart devoid of any idols. If you just want God to say yes and nothing else, then, no need to involve Him at all. You are free to follow your own heart – wherever it leads you.

It’s also why at this stage of enquiry, you must not have allowed your emotions to go wild. You’re not yet too sure what the Lord will say to you. It’s therefore dangerous to have fallen in love with someone the Lord may advice against. So anything that can inflame your emotions must be avoided. Sexual interactions of whatever sort must be avoided. Excessive communication on phone or chats must be avoided – except the communication is in furtherance of your enquiry. Acceptation of gifts – for gifts can corrupt judgment – must be avoided at this stage.

And it’s also not yet time for the guy to call you and expect you to say, “I love you too.” When you begin to say stuffs like this, you get your emotions ahead of your heart and this is dangerous.

But Priscilla, one week is too short a time to pray and say you already have an answer which you want to give the guy immediately. Who is pursuing you? Why are you so much in haste? Decisions made in haste do not usually stand the test of time. He that believes does not make haste the bible says. Isaiah 28:16.

To begin with, God’s face cannot be sought in haste because by nature, God hides Himself so that anyone hardly stumbles on God accidentally. Isaiah 45:15. He needs to be sought. You don’t seek what’s readily available. It’s what’s in hiding that needs to be sought. He said in His word, “you’ll seek me and find me, WHEN you seek me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13. God will never reveal Himself or His mind even to cursory seekers.

I therefore don’t know how effectively you have sought God in one week, except the whole week was dedicated to this. Even if you think you’ve heard from God within one week of intensive seeking, you don’t run with that conviction until it has been subjected to the test of time. Let a little time pass over what you believe you’ve received and let’s see if the conviction remains and grows, or it fizzles away.

Instead of rushing to answer the brother after receiving once from the Lord, you could even ask God to give you other convictions to confirm the one you just got. Convictions cannot be too much, but they can sometimes be too little. The more the convictions, the surer you are; the surer you are the better for the journey.

It’s a long journey don’t forget. A journey of no return actually. Don’t allow the man to pressure you to make a decision in haste. If he’s a wise man himself, he should know that there’s no wisdom in this at all. When the conviction of a woman is strong and deep, the man is blessed. He’s not just going to have her for a little while, she’s his for life through thick and thin; stuck to his breast even through difficult seasons.

I will rather that I wait for months (if need be) before getting a Yes – but a yes that’ll endure through our Courtship and for life regardless of difficult circumstances; than get a Yes after one week of waiting, but one that will collapse even before we are set for the altar. Let me wait Sis, but get me a solid Yes!

Your brother,
Peniela Eniayo, Akintujoye


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