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I knew nothing about the efficacy of tapping God’s resources by faith until this time. I was just appointed President of my faculty fellowship which had always been a very active one, even as much as a denominational fellowship. The Executive Council itself comprised of twenty eight members. An impressive number isn’t it?

I had an ambitious plan for the tenure. I presented a budget for the approval of the Executive Council to the tune of a million, six hundred thousand naira. This was around 8 years ago and so that sum is of greater value today. It was an unprecedented budget as much as I knew at that time. For a fellowship that doesn’t collect tithe nor have a sure financially committed membership or alumni, that was quite audacious.

But my financing strategy wasn’t founded on faith. I simply trusted my credentials in raising funds as a former Student Union Officer. I planned to thoroughly investigate the alumni base and seek out persons of means among them to support us. Whenever I saw a name that began with an ordinary Mr., I shoved it aside – how much will a Mr. have to give us? But whenever I saw a name like Prof. XYZ, SAN, I felt, “yes, these are the kind of people we are looking for.”

So I compiled a long list of such big names and went all over to see them with a very impressive letter head and the vision well itemised. I moved from Victoria Island to Ikeja and everywhere around Lagos. That was during the long vacation. Only that even a few weeks to resumption when we would need money so badly to host the freshmen orientation program, none of our big men had given us anything. Some of them had not even had time to go through the letter we wrote. I became afraid and at this time I went to call upon God for help.

While I sought the face of God, He led me to pick up a book titled, “Tapping God’s Resources for Life and Ministry” written by Bro. Gbile Akanni. I picked the book and read. As I read I saw how much the path I had chosen would never lead me anywhere. If I wanted the help of God, I needed to discard all the human methods I had devised. I immediately removed my mind from all the letters, made up my mind we won’t check back on any of them. I saw from that book proven principles of tapping sufficient divine resources for any need without even speaking to anyone physically.

The principles were tough. But I chose to follow them because I wanted a successful tenure at all cost. The results started flowing in and they were mind blowing. We got in a single donation severally what several of our big men put together could never have given considering the fact they would have given simply to wade off our pressure. They would have just thrown something at us to have peace. Unlike a man whom God has commanded to give, who sometimes is commanded to give all that he has.

Some people that we didn’t even know at all beforehand were mobilised by the Holy Spirit to send us big sums. We never spoke to them about it. How could we possibly speak to people we didn’t know. We simply saw alerts and used the money for God’s glory. All we did was prayer and faith done in the right way and we saw big miracles. Of course we later found the sender’s contact and confirmed it wasn’t a mistaken transfer. The Lord was directly involved.

At the end of the tenure, we found that a total of over One Million, Five Hundred Thousand Naira had passed through our hands within that one year. All these without sweat excepting the sweat of prayer and faith which is always far cheaper compared to begging around and being thoroughly insulted and yet getting no result.

Since then I’ve read the even more challenging autobiography of George Muller, a man who lived in 19th century England and by prayer and faith alone (without mentioning his need and the need of his ministry to anyone) tapped a total sum of a hundred and fifty million dollars ($150M) in today’s monetary value for his life and ministry. This is a book you need to read very urgently.

I have gone on to realise that the same principles for tapping resources for corporate ministry needs are the same for personal needs and every christian has a recognised ATM card to withdraw from this large pool of heaven’s inexhaustible resources. I have personally committed to learning more and more how to constantly draw and live a more stress free life. It has been working and it will work even much more not because I am the one or because it is Gbile Akanni or George Muller but because the word of God works for anyone who will lay hold on it.

Certainly if there are more resources, all other things being equal, our relationships will experience lesser financial problems that can lead to relationship problems. A major way to have more resources is learning to tap always from this inexhaustible source.

You don’t have to live within the limits of your salary. You are not even as a christian supposed to trust in your salary. Doing so ties you down continually to the hold of Mammon. Meaning, if God demands that you resign and take on a different assignment for Him that is not salaried, you will be unable to do so because of fear because you’ve not learnt to live by faith. Every christian ought to learn to live by faith (even if s/he is a rich entrepreneur) if s/he will truly be free to go and serve the purpose of God, anywhere, anytime and anyhow God so demands.

I invite you to please pick up these two materials and learn for yourself how to tap divine resources for a smooth and stress free life. Even if you want to invest to multiply wealth, you can tap your seed capital straight from heaven.

You can get the soft copy of “the autobiography of George Muller” online. Google it even now and you’ll find it. You may need to enter any popular bookshop around you to pick up “Tapping God’s resources for life and ministry” by Gbile Akanni. I wish you success in your financial life. Please get the two materials. I assure you they will turn your walk of faith around dramatically and surely your finances also.

The series on Financial agreement continues next week.

Your brother,
Peniela Eniayo, Akintujoye.




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