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My dear Priscilla, I really sympathise with your boyfriend. Since 2019 when he graduated, he hasn’t been able to secure a job as prestigious and well paying as he desires. It’s not that there are no jobs at all. Anyone who is hardworking and cares less about making impressions on people will sure find something to do that can fetch a decent living.

So he has actually been able to find some jobs. Only that the reward isn’t satisfactory to him. He wants life to happen faster. And now he has turned to internet fraud to raise capital. At least that’s what he told you. He plans to come out after raising some capital which he could then invest in honest investments.

Ordinarily, judging by prevailing Nigerian standard, 2019 is not such a long time ago. He would have finished his NYSC late 2020. So he has in fact only been underemployed for one year. But he’s already tired. This is likely due to peer pressure. He has a lot of friends and colleagues who finished at the same time with him from school but are now driving exotic cars bought with proceeds of fraud.

That clearly shows the kind of man this guy is. He isn’t a man of convictions. His values are very shallow. He can be easily moved away from them in the face of a little pressure. And this has nothing to do even with spirituality. I know people who are not spiritual but who will never go into defrauding others of their hard-earned money to make a living. Some of them have been underemployed for over ten years, yet they hold tenaciously to sound moral standards despite being surrounded by the temptations of Yahoo colleagues.

But since it wasn’t your boyfriend that wrote me, I shouldn’t waste time on him. I should speak to you, the girlfriend of the Yahoo boy who’s looking at marrying him soon.

Note first that the idea of tasting huge but cheaply gotten wealth and backing out after some time is usually a fluke. Cheap money makes people lazy over time. Makes them impatient with process. You want a man who has made ten thousand dollars in twenty four hours to go back to a legitimate business with a little profit margin? Hell no! He will easily get tired and return to his fast lane of fraud. So settle it, you’re planning to marry a man who will be a fraudster for the long haul.

And that means you’ll perpetually live in fear all through your marriage to him. How will you have rest of mind with such a man? Anytime you hear a knock on your door, your blood pressure will rise because you’re wondering if it’s the Police. Your children will never be able to clearly answer their mates in school whenever they ask, “what does your father do?” You will live perpetually in lies and deceits. Sad to imagine.

Yahoo life usually goes with drug use. That’s the next thing you should note. Being able to sweep people’s life savings without any burden of conscience usually requires the sedation of the mind. Hardly will you find anyone who’s into Yahoo who doesn’t drink, smoke and abuse drugs. This your man is just three months old in the ‘business’ but watch out. He will soon begin this journey of no return.

Drug use usually has a lot of debilitating consequences on marriages. You’ll be dealing essentially with a spouse who is emotionally imbalanced and unpredictable. Verbal and physical assaults will not be in short supply in the marriage. Alcohol and drugs can impair judgment, arouse constant feeling of anger and resentment, and create an atmosphere that leads to constant conflict at the home front. Prepare ahead.

We shouldn’t even expect such a man to be faithful to you in marriage. Yahoo is usually a team crime. He will need to maintain around him a cluster of co-Yahoo fraudsters in order to continue to draw inspiration and mentorship from them. This people party wildly as a culture. He will have to party with his friends. You know what goes on in such parties with ladies in mini skirts? But maybe you don’t mind. You don’t mind sharing your husband with the whole world.

After some time, “Magas” as they call their victims may stop falling for outdated tricks. In desperation to retain his affluent status, he wants to do anything to keep the money coming in. He will then be introduced to Yahoo Plus Plus. Yahoo Plus Plus is euphemism for full blown ritual practices in order to gain metaphysical control over a potential victim. Human parts are usually required for these kind of rituals. Your husband will then be forced to join a criminal gang that lures unsuspecting women of easy virtues, gruesomely murder them and harvest their organs for rituals.

One of these days, he may run out of luck and get found out by law enforcement agents. God helps you that he’s arrested in your matrimonial home. You will be arrested together with him as a possible accomplice. As his wife who has been enjoying all the ill-gotten wealth without ever raising an alarm, you’re complicit in all the offences especially if there are traces of monetary transfers from his account to yours. And how won’t that be considering that you’re his wife. So prepare ahead that you may one day become a prisoner as a result of this marital decision that you’re about to make.

And sometimes, these Yahoo boys kill their very girlfriends and harvest their organs for rituals when useful organs become very scarce. So even your own life is not safe. Forget whatever love he might have confessed to you. Men like your boyfriend who have been consumed by the lust for money have been known to give up anything no matter how precious in order to remain rich – some can even kill their own mothers, not to talk of you.

Wait for a minute Priscilla, how do you feel spending money that is a cause of tears for some other people? Someone is crying but you are cruising with him in exotic restaurants in town using the same money he stole from sometimes very poor people. Or you don’t know that the victims are not always rich people? As a Lawyer, I sometimes represent these victims. Some of them are lured to part with their gratuity into fraudulent hands like that of your boyfriend, a labour of 35 years and all they have. Everyday some of these victims are raining curses on the person that defrauded them.They are cursing the womb that bore him, his wife and children. But you’re smiling around?

My dear, your conscience is right for troubling you about this. You’re spending blood money. When the judgment of the Lord will come or even that of human government, you will have no room for escape. Please come out of your relationship with this mindless thief. Yoruba people call a man like him, “apanilekunjaye.” He who enjoys life at the expense of other people’s tears.

I pray God gives you the grace to obey and save yourself from future regrets.

For godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out.
1 Timothy 6:6‭-‬7 KJV

Your brother,
Peniela E. Akintujoye.

©️Peniela Eniayo, Akintujoye| hello@lovestraighttalks.com


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