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Even if you have not become personally conscious of it, please observe from now henceforth, that as soon as any young man or woman is emerging from his or her late adolescent into the early adulthood, one of the things that Satan and the world system bombards him or her with at this junction is the “craze for sex”. You are inundated with it even as you shop for dresses or what to wear; as you innocently read books, novels, magazines; as you listen to music or attend live concerts; as you watch dramas, televisions, movies and now particularly; as you browse the internet with your devices. What the devil has simply done is to match the apprehensions of your physical and physiological developments, including the maturing of your sexual organs, with an immediate corollary pressure or “the need” to release, to test or express yourselves by creating an atmosphere or a flux of sexual lust around you. This is the reason why you are harassed by so much temptations, pressures, desires or the lure for sex in any form or the pervasion of it everywhere you turn.

This is the greatest strategy of Satan in collaboration with the world system and with every human being or “flesh” that he can conscript; including your blood relations, uncles, even fathers (as the case is for those involved in the sexual harassment of their daughters). The craze for sex is a deliberate whirlpool created to swallow every emerging youth before he or she sees the light of day or ever attempt to take the first step in the journey of their greatness.

Among all other sins and ploys that Satan has conceived, why is sexual sin so powerful and particularly so effective among the youths in bringing down their focus, their vision and their God-given dreams of what He intends to make out of their lives? Click To Tweet

All sexual lust, all immorality and all forms of sexual pervasion have more far reaching consequences, and therefore have more cumulative damages than even the physical mishaps that often immediately accompany such acts of sex. Its terribleness is not just limited for instance, to the following immediate negative effects like; emotional guilt, shame, unwanted pregnancy, death from failed abortion, broken marriages, STDs like HIV etc. Every sexual lust – especially the innate ones or the ones lodged in the thoughts and the subconscious are sponsored and acts exactly like viruses to decompose your “IQ”; your capacity both for the conceiving and the sustaining of burdens or for the understanding of concepts, including the birthing and nursing of a lifetime vision.

To drive home the point better, the heart (sometimes used interchangeably with the mind or thoughts in scripture) can be likened to the “hard disk” or hard drive in a computer with similarities, even of the effects of the attack of a virus on the “hard disk”. In the same way, the heart or the “hard disk” of a man is the Centre of all his being, and it is responsible for every inspiration, analysis, synthesis, conceptions and interpretations necessary for the day to day running and direction of his life. It is here that his dreams, visions and the features of his future are stored and where he operates from.

A man or woman is as great as his or her mind or the quality or capacity of his or her thoughts. This is often what baffles everyone when it comes to the matter of the differences between great men (or geniuses) vs mediocre or “mere” ordinary men. Now, the “greatness” in the great people is not in their physical appearance, because they are as ordinary in their appearance as other men and women.

The secret of “greatness” in great men is in their hearts and in their minds; it is in the purity, the integrity, the power and the capacity of their minds – their ability to harness, to manage, to control and maximally utilize their whole thought life.

No wonder Prov 4:23 states:
“Guard your heart more than anything else, because the source of your life flows from it.” (GW).

“Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts.” (GNB)

It is the effectual working of the mind; the capabilities and potency when it is operating in its full measure and maximum productivity that the devil fears in any young man and woman that is born into this world. He trembles at what height of glory such a life will bring to God if allowed to operate seamlessly. Conversely, the devil also trembles at the possibility of the havoc that such a life will wreck to his kingdom through his or her inventions if undistracted. He knows that with such a one, nothing shall be impossible to him or her; no challenge or problem is too great for him or her to unravel or bore through.

It is this integrity, this wholesomeness and purity of mind and thoughts that all the viruses of sexual lust which includes; voyeurism (the tendency of spying or peeping to see nude people and their private parts), pornography, masturbation, lesbianism, homosexuality or all other premature preoccupation with sex seek to decompose. The devil mobilises all his choice agents of hell to crash this “hard disk” by “burning” junks of self-multiplying, permanent and unmovable erotic data into the bootable and all other sectors of your “hard disk”. The low IQs’, the sluggishness and the under-performance in academics and other essential or critical areas of living you find in the several young men and women caught in this web of immorality and sexual lust is the same characteristics displayed by any computer whose “hard disk” has been hacked into by a virus or any malware. One practical effect on our young ones is that you find several “First Class” materials ending up with “let my people go” degrees or results in academics. For this very reason, the Scriptures vehemently warns every young person,

“Shun immorality and all sexual looseness (flee from impurity in thought, word, or deed). Any other sin which a man commits is one outside the body, but he who commits sexual immorality sins against his own body.” 1Cor 6:18.

I would like to conclude by reminding you that the sin of immorality and every form of sexual lust is a sin against your body; it is a sin against your Central Processing Unit (CPU). It is so-to-say, “to shoot yourself in the leg”. It is a sin against your mind; a sin against your God-given resources on this earth with which to identify your purpose and fulfil your mandate. Therefore, God’s command to you severally in scripture over this matter is FLEE! Flee fornication”, “flee also youthful lusts” and “flee all appearances of evil” etc.

You must flee for your life! You must make an urgent decision now to come out of any sexual immorality in any form with any man or woman! Come out of any sexual pervasion like pornography and masturbation if you are already entangled. Call upon the Lord and seek now for Godly counsel from any available source if you can or write us via hello@lovestraighttalks.com or call 09011421129. You have to be hasty and urgent about this because your useful days for excellence and exploits are being eaten up by this virus. If you continue to linger and remain casual about it, you may become a casualty in the race of life and end up as a mere shadow of what you were born to fulfil for God and for your generation.

God bless you.

Your Brother,
Peniela Akintujoye.
WhatsApp (08035601538)
(The message above is actually largely from a revered mentor who doesn’t mind being anonymous).

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