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John and Jake were Christian newlyweds who had abstained from sexual immoralities all their lives. They had never even had any romantic kiss until the wedding service despite their 3 years of courtship. Theirs was such purity that many young people should emulate.

John was an Engineer working for a Multinational company at 28 years and Jake was a 26 years old award winning sculptor. They were told how pleasurable sex is and were in full anticipation of it.

They got married in a buzzling megacity in Nigeria and had traveled down to another city where they knew nobody. They arrived on their wedding day for an amazing first phase of their honeymoon experience before the advanced honeymoon trip they had planned for somewhere in Europe. Their hopes for pleasure was very high, theirs was really a dream wedding.

Friday, John’s friend who was the Best Man at their wedding event had secured hotel booking for them at one of the best hotels in town. The hotel would pass for a 4-star hotel located north-west of the city in an area populated by the rich and powerful elites; a Government Restricted Area popularly called G.R.A. The room secured by Friday for the newlyweds was the presidential suite of the hotel, sited in the pent house of the hotel with an amazing lobby beautifully decorated with all sort of ornaments.

On entering the majestic oval shaped room that will be their lodge for the next 3 days, John and Jake went on their knees and said a brief prayer and headed straight to the bathroom where a fully automated jacuzzi was centrally located in sparingly but beautifully lit bathroom. John and Jake undressed almost in unison until they got to underwears and became suddenly aware of each other’s presence. They both were too shy to proceed, so John being a gentleman excused his bride after a long warm embrace. It was completely electric for them both; it was their first. It felt as if it lasted for 2 hours whereas it had only been for 20 seconds.

John could feel his lower pole swell up so quickly and Jake felt something tickle between her thighs and could feel some wetness behind her panties. That could not have been sweat she thought as she was setting the temperature of the Jacuzzi. They had a quick gist of best moments of their wedding as John returned to the bedroom to call for dinner.

He turned on the television which had been pre-loaded with pictures and videos of amazing moments they shared. He was glad to have finally had the woman of his dream and for a moment it felt as if it was really a dream. He checked for his phone to review his social media presence and then remembered that they have handed their phones to Friday who had driven off to some unknown location in order to not have any form of disturbance on their wedding night.

Jake emerges from the bathroom in a lingerie presented to her at the bridal shower organized by her friends. She felt uneasy to be unclad before her newly wedded husband and she was careful to pick the “most descent” of the lingeries. She felt a bit afraid, a bit anxious. When John noticed her, his mouth went agape as he tries to keep his gaze on the television with difficulties as he struggles to hide the bulge that is obviously visible in his briefs. He didn’t want to commit “lookery” so he led a prayer almost as if he was trying to retain some feeling of spirituality but he was just confused. He was rescued by the doorbell; room service was at the door with their dinner.

They moved into the sitting room which had a dining area and they hurriedly ate their dinner, hungry in the stomach but their joy made it difficult to feed well. They poured some wine and professed their love and devotion for each other over a toast.
John made for the bathroom where he noticed a speck of colorless slimy fluid around his manhood, he quickly rushed his bath as if in a haste and returned to the bedroom to find his beloved bride lying on the stadium sized bed covered with a white sheet and a rose pink flower patterns with a pink duvet. He jumps onto the bed. They both laid on their backs staring at the roof lost in thoughts.

They held hands and wondered how to begin. It was then they realized how deficient their counselling was in sexuality. Jake mumbled something that John interpreted as, “come on let’s start,” and she moved up the netty short lingerie to reveal her well shaved pubes lying slight covered by a catapult shaped G-string. Then she covered her face and motioned to him to turn off the light which he obediently did.

He mounted over her, unsure of what to do next but certain he was supposed to insert his erect member somewhere in her body. Although the room was dark, there was slight reflection of light from the lobby that made visibility possible in the room. He put his knees on both sides of his bride and put his groin against hers, the direction of pointing of his erect member made this posture uncomfortable. He looked at his groin and he suddenly knew what to do. He slid his gun shaped member out of his brief and held it in the direction of her groin. Then he noticed Jake’s eyes were tightly shut and her arms folded in apprehension. He asked softly ‘can we do this now?’ and she swiftly responded in the affirmative ‘yes please, let’s get it over quickly’

As he pushes his stiff members between the mounds of flesh in her groin, he met some resistance and thought that must be what he needs to break through to end her misery called virginity. She let out a sound which is neither a scream nor a moan and he was withdrawing when she quickly apologized on remembering that she was told by her married friend Suzan that the first experience will be painful and she must endure it once and for all. He started pushing his turgid bone-hard fleshy member through the second time with the aim to push it as deep and quick as possible to end her holy misery of virginity. He was able to go deeper this time but she was uncomfortable wriggling in bed.

He felt a bit of wetness on his member which made it easier for him to drive it in deeper. Her adjustment of folding both knees and thighs and pushing her thighs apart gave him a deep long sudden thrust and then she screamed for pain. He withdrew his member quickly and fearfully and lost his erection within seconds.

She felt some sudden gush and was feeling very wet. She told him, “I think I’m bleeding,” to which he responded, “they said it is normal to bleed.” “This one can’t be normal,” she said. “It’s so much.” He moved his hand to her thigh as if to check and everywhere was wet, the smell of blood filled the room. She said in a soft broken voice “I am feeling very weak.” He quickly switched on the light and was shocked at the quantity of blood with heavy clots on the bed. He choked on his own saliva, confused, his heart racing so fast it makes his head giddy. He approached the hotel phone, dialed the reception and then froze when he heard hello on the other end. He didn’t even know what to say. He dropped the phone and muttered under his breath, “what do I do? Oh Lord help me!” his eyes were full and teary.

He returned to her in bed and told her, “I think we should get to the hospital right away.” He heard no response. He unpacked her box in one quick sweep and got a wine colored free gown for her to wear, and he moved to her in bed to help her to her feet and held her by the waist approaching the door with a trail of blood in their path. He struggled to help her wear the gown, she could not even talk due to weakness. While wearing the gown for her, he lost control of her body and then she fell, hit her head on the wooden edge of the bed and let out a weak cry and then passed out.

Jake! Jake!! Jake!!! He called out to her but no response. He busted out in a heavy sob and then quickly cautioned himself and began to pray. He got back to the phone and called the reception. All he could say was, “we have an emergency in the presidential suite.” The female receptionist dashed there immediately and found Jake in a pool of her own blood unconscious with a blood soaked bed; a trail of blood about a meter from the bed. She took note of the bloody patch on Jake’s bridal hair as well. She was confused and suspected violence. She called for security and ambulance over her phone and then when she saw the calmness emanating from John (maybe a result of his brief prayer) she was re-assured and joined him to call out to Jake and pour some water while waiting for more help to come.

The time was 11:45pm. The ambulance service and security guard arrived within a few minutes. She had opened her eyes but too weak to talk. They moved her onto the stretcher and got her to the hospital while John was moved to the police station to make a statement before joining them in the hospital. He called his mum over a phone from the police station who reached out to Friday to join them at the hospital. At the hospital, the Medical Officer on duty assessed the situation and was overwhelmed. He resuscitated her with intravenous fluid and got a unit of blood ready to transfuse her. He packed the va**gina with plenty gauze and referred them to the teaching hospital.

By the time she arrived at the teaching hospital, she was conscious and communicating. The Doctors took some minutes to extract the history and she was immediately moved to theatre for examination under anesthesia. The time was 1:30am. It was found that there was a rent on the posterior wall of her vagina which was duly repaired and the bleeding was finally arrested. She was discharged home after two days’ haven been counselled.

Their sexual life fell apart before it even began.


The story above was shared by Dr. Caleb Idowu, Obstetrics and Gynaecologist at the University Teaching Hospital Ibadan; and he said it was a true life story. I got his permission to share this verbatim.

For the last two episodes, we’ve shared with you what they could have done differently.

1. This newly wed under examination had no foreplay at all as you can see. That was the beginning of their blunder. We recommended a long foreplay before the act of deflowering (or even the first marital sex for non-virgins) should commence. 45 minutes to 1 hour foreplay is recommended.

2. They put off the light, so they could not see what they were doing. We have always counselled against the idea of putting off the light. The sight of each other’s body is 80% of the fun itself. For newlyweds, light is the more important so as not to penetrate the wrong place.

3. We recommended the use of an anesthetic lubricant to completely dispel the possibility of pain. They had none at hand.

4. We recommended the use of the finger for the deflowering, before any attempt of penile penetration. They went penile straight off.

There is a final thing we need to add. There is a need for an understanding of the anatomy of a woman’s reproductive organ in order to understand exactly where the “honey pot” is. We recommend that an about-to-wed husband should pick up a biological material (not pornography please) to study the diagram of the anatomy.

If not, as a holy brother who has pleased the Lord by not being sexually involved before marriage, when you’re finally faced with the honey pot of your virgin bride, you’ll not know where to turn. The entire place will appear sealed up so that you may not know exactly which part is the hymen to be broken. This is important so you won’t go and break a wrong place and have to move from your honey moon to the emergency ward.

When your newly wedded bride lies on her back, her knees bent, her feet on the bed and the thighs wide open, her vulva (the entire external structure of her reproductive organ) consists of two folds. The outer fold is the labia majora, the inner fold is the labia minora. Inside the labia minora is where the honey pot is. The upper part of that inside-of-the-labia-minora is the urethra opening. Don’t go near that place. The lowest part is the opening of the honey pot where the hymen is. In other words, in that her posture, the entrance that is to be penetrated is the closest to the a*nus.

This should guide you virgin brother and sister. Take this article along to your honey moon. I want you to miss nothing and be disadvantaged in nothing on account of your decision to honour God and wait until this point.

I wish you success. I love you too.

Your brother,
Peniela E. Akintujoye.

©️Peniela Eniayo, Akintujoye| hello@lovestraighttalks.com


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