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The last one year has been most sexually fulfilling. Hardly was there a day we didn’t visit Jerusalem. Visiting twice a day was normal and there was an occasion when we visited four times within twenty four hours. That was a record breaker and we’re proud of it. It wasn’t planned. Everything happened in such a spontaneous manner. The fellowship we shared was so strong that memorable day.

I know a lot of people are shy to talk about marital sex. I wonder why. Young people who are violating God’s word and fornicating all over town are often bold to talk about it in open. Some of them are even bold to “do the do” in front of the camera in a live Television broadcast and they are still regarded as celebrities. That’s actually what fetched some of them the big names they possess today.

But people who are having sex under a righteous atmosphere; sex that glorifies God, are shy to talk about it. Many couples are usually too shy to kiss each other even in a Christian couples’ dinner. That’s how bad it is. Many cannot as little as hold hands while walking across their street. They are too shy to do that. Should any right thinking person be shy about something that glorifies God and heals society?

We need to let people know that marital sex can be fulfilling and that they’ll miss nothing if they don’t indulge in sexual activities before marriage. If we don’t speak boldly and openly about marital sex, how would they ever know this?

I am convinced that God is very proud to see us talk about marital sex on the roof top. If not, He would never have published the Songs of Solomon in the Bible. That was a raw erotic content of the goings on between a very intimate husband and his wife who both appear to be on heat.

Taking a cue from God’s Songs of Solomon therefore, I have made up my mind to protest against the status quo and boldly speak about marital sex with pride. I will do this throughout my earthly ministry.

Just within a year I think we have overtaken many of those who have been cheating on God before marriage for many years if we compare notes. I personally I’m full. At least that was the way it felt as some point. Like, I’m sex-full. Fulfilled. Satisfied. Dream come true! But we are only just starting. One year gone, eighty years of bliss to go!

I think the factors that have contributed to the peace we’ve enjoyed in the sexual department in the last one year are as follows:

1. We got the wedding night right.

2. We were mostly in good terms with each other as a result of keeping our Likewise dutifully.

3. We delayed pregnancy.

4. We have a little support system in place that reduces stress from domestic chores. (I discussed this in Episode 33).

5. We focus on pleasing each other in bed.

6. We had no previous addictions or sexual disorder interfering with our sex life.

7. We do have open discussions from time to time about our experience and expectations; including what to do to have a more fulfilling sexual life.

8. My wife determined to match my libido at all cost, since a man’s libido is usually always higher than that of a woman. It’s amazing the kind of commitment she has put into this. I rarely get a no. And you know what, a satisfied born again man (or woman) has little temptations to struggle with out there.

In the coming days, I’ll be getting down into discussing these issues in details for the admonition of many of our followers and disciples who are matured adults and about-to-weds, and many who are already married. It is for the sake of this group of people that I’ve undertaken the labour of this entire writing from Episode 1 to date.

Certainly, sex can be a great source of quarrel and resentment between couples. Sex is a human need. The impulse is strong and God is to be blamed – (no, praised) for that. God is really to be praised for designing such an unmatched entertainment for the enjoyment of humanity.

Living with the opposite sex (your married spouse with whom sex comes with no guilt) in the same room makes the desire for sex even more irresistible. Some of us lived without it easily for 30 years and we were just fine. But I’m realizing it was easy because we didn’t live in the same room with a wo/man who dresses and undresses in our full glare, and we didn’t assault our mind with the virus of pornography and masturbation. Otherwise, it’s not easy to have proximate access to beautiful raw flesh and get your mind off it.

To make matters worse, unlike food that you can easily go out and get when your wife or husband hasn’t cooked, if your partner is not available for sex despite your great hunger, as a Christian couple, you’re stuck. You have nowhere to turn to. Of course I know that some “border line Christians” have turned to their old porn, sex toys, or runs girls; in the process, badly wounding their already fragile union. Many marriages have not recovered years after, from such so-called brief extramarital escapades.

This is the more reason we need to get this department right by all means and as you’ll discover in the writings that’ll follow this, no sacrifice can be too much to pay for the sake of success in this department.

Come with me on this engaging journey of learning, unlearning and relearning.

Your brother,
Peniela E. Akintujoye.

©️Peniela Eniayo, Akintujoye| hello@lovestraighttalks.com


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